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Nakedcomix: Art With An Attitude

I'm a regular guy given to occasional bouts of creative insanity. Most of this comes out as either illustration, photography or inappropriate sharing of whatever wild ideas are going through my head. I believe in the following four things. 1. it's always better to err on the side of Compassion than Passion. 2. That while lovers come and go, good friends are forever. 3. My greatest successes come from the trust people have in me. 4. That I'm an artist because to be anything else for me would be a lie.

Creating images is my passion. I've done two solo shows in San Francisco at the SF Citadel and at Wicked Grounds cafe. I have also had work accepted into the Dirty Show, The Seattle Erotic Art Festival and The San Francisco Erotic Art Exhibition 2. I just completed publishing The Kinky Coloring Book, available on, and will be soon starting work on Decadent Darlings, a collection of my photos and illustrations.

So there you have it. Browse around my illustrations and photos and see if there is anything you like. Be sure to come back to check out the new stuff I post up regularly. Enjoy Nakedcomix: art with an attitude.

James Courtney